How much do we care about customers’ sample box


Why there should be a sample box before bulk order?

Printing & Packaging is a highly custom required industry, sample box can proof customer’s idea and manufacturer’s understanding per the conversation. To check the size, printing, printing finish or even how manufacturer packs the sample- it shows how careful they are considering about orders. So if you are first time doing business with us or not rush on bulk orders, we strongly recommend you to get a sample box or free sample box (this is only available for order confirmation)

Common issues on sample box

A few years ago, we didn’t realize that we should help customers develop packaging together, offering more opinions for select. When customer received the sample box, they said: ” Hey Alex, the sample box is great, however, I would like to know if we change the surface paper to another kind, could you make a sample?” When we got this email, feeling why we didn’t ask customer about this if we did…Then we take another 7 days to finish new sample box with texture and different colour. We feel shame to waste customer’s time, deeply!

We arrange a special meeting on this topic, finally decide to ask all customer who needs samples for multiple choice before sample starts. We always suggest customer take specialty texture paper, different thickness paper, even different cardboard material.

After that, all our customers are happy for the samples, few of them will ask for more choice. We know customer’s taste, you just let us know your requirement.

Does the cost high for multiple opinion sample than a single sample?

Definitely, it’s higher, but allow me to explain. For example, you ask a custom printed rigid box with size 20*10*5cm, cost you around USD100 with delivery cost. After our suggestion, you just need to pay USD150 in total for 3 different paper material or different printing samples! Think about it, Plus 50 US dollars you will get another two, worthy!

What does this mean for you?

  1. You have more choice of your product custom packaging boxes, match your products and compare.
  2. Saving develop costs, enjoy our refund policy one you put your orders.
  3. Saving time, it also takes only 7 days to make multiple samples. In near future, we are able to short this time in four days.

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